Online Classes/Study material

I was looking for some study material online to start some study in side. I surprised when I  found this

Stanford Engineering professors are setting out to add a new level of interactivity to online education by offering three of the university's most popular computer science classes for free.

The three courses – Machine Learning, Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Introduction to Databases – cover material that forms the basis of some of the most prevalent technologies today, from online shopping to web search and robotics.

Wow... that is cool. If you are getting free online classes from well reputed university. what else you want. you are not getting and course certificate from Stanford but still knowledge is knowledge no one going to still that from you.

As well found lecture series on other computer science classes as below.


SEE programming includes one of Stanford’s most popular engineering sequences: the three-course Introduction to Computer Science taken by the majority of Stanford undergraduates, and seven more advanced courses in artificial intelligence and electrical engineering.

Introduction to Computer Science

Programming Methodology

Programming Abstractions

Programming Paradigms

Artificial Intelligence

Introduction to Robotics

Natural Language Processing
Machine Learning

Linear Systems and Optimization

The Fourier Transform and its Applications

Introduction to Linear Dynamical Systems

Convex Optimization

Convex Optimization 

Additional School of Engineering Courses

Programming Massively Parallel Processors

iPhone Application Programming

Seminars and Webinars

Also, found some online class series and material from 


Yale University :

WebCast Series from Berkeley :

The Open University :